Door Installation

It’s 3a.m., and that leftover dessert in the refrigerator is calling your name. Despite your best efforts to silently exit the room, the bedroom door has other plans. Since last month’s incident, when the kids decided indoor football was a good idea, your door gets jammed and makes a horrible creaking noise. Not wanting to draw more attention to your late night snack session, you quickly open the door. Falling off its hinges and crashing to the floor, the door has now made your decision for you. The dessert lives another day.
When one of your doors is broken or working incorrectly, it can be frustrating. Homes settling can cause a misalignment of doors and door jambs, leading to sticking doors, creaking doors, or doors not working at all. If you need a door replaced or a new door installed, Install Aid Handyman can do it. From fixing hinges to repairing structural damage, I can help you figure out the best course of action for solving your problem.

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